LabProFlo is the only web supported, stand alone, completely customizable, absolutely simple, simply wonderful solution for one of the most common production problems in the crown and bridge laboratory – workflow fluctuation. Labproflo addresses this problem at the most important place – BEFORE IT ARRIVES AT YOUR LABORATORY! not after the case arrives in your laboratory.

Labproflo, designed for the small/medium sized crown and bridge dental laboratory virtually eliminates this problem by utilizing a web supported, completely customizable calendar to pre-schedule work. Your doctors can simply log-on to your personal labproflo web site and schedule work with your laboratory.

The crown and bridge laboratory can change several aspects of the calendar to fit your specific need, from number of units available per day to number of days until delivery.

Labproflo was created by a dental technician as the solution to overworked lab owners, managers and technicians. No more working early mornings, late nights, weekends and holidays.

Pre-scheduling allows you to produce higher quality restorations and reduce remakes.


  • Stand alone web supported solution to managing workflow.
  • Completely customizable
  • Password protected
  • All calendar entries are anonymous
  • Log-in anywhere internet access is available, even from smart phones.
  • E-mail notification when units are scheduled.
  • Easy to learn, Easy to teach – Absolutely Simple


  • Stay ahead of your competition and give your sales team the edge when pursuing new clients or revisiting lost accounts. Easily demonstrate the calendar during a sales call right at the front desk and blow them away!
  • Stabilize production, which results in more attention to detail, increased quality, and happier technicians.


  • More cases delivered on time
  • Virtually eliminating the call to the doctor’s office to see when the patient is “really” coming in.
  • Virtually eliminating the call from the dental office looking for a case or informing you that the patient is in the chair and they don’t have the case.
  • Your technicians have a more productive and predictable day..
  • Give your lab a competitive edge and your sales team an extra incentive as they find new doctors or revisit lost accounts.
  • A permanent solution that benefits the dental offices peace of mind and the dental laboratories productivity.


  • Most offices will enjoy scheduling their patients for seat appointments before the patients leaves; a true relationship builder that benefits everyone – doctor, doctor’s staff, patient and the laboratory.
  • Drastically reduce non-profitable chair time by having a higher on time delivery percentage.
  • Reduce remakes and chair side adjustments because of poor quality related to an overworked laboratory.

Dentist Testimonial

by using Lab Pro Flo we can confidentially schedule our patients for their seat appointment before they leave which makes our schedule more predictable.

by Dr. Bob

Dental Lab Testimonial

instead I get to spend my time doing what I love…making quality restorations.

Katana Dental Lab

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